Cat Litter Box - Gateway Animal Hospital St Petersburg FL 33702There is probably nothing extra frustrating to a cat owner than litter box accidents. In actual fact, recurring litter field accidents are the primary cause why cat house owners give their cats up to animal shelters. When your cat refuses to use the litter field, there’s usually an underlying reason. Before you grow to be exasperated by your cat’s lack of ability to make it to the litter field, listed here are some common causes for this problem.

Litter Box Woes

One of many principal the explanation why a cat begins to refuse to use the litter box is because their very own litter field is dirty. Many cats are extremely fussy in regards to the condition of their litter box, while others will use it no matter how full it looks. In case your cat has a litter field accident, the primary place you should test is the litter box. Some pets prefer that their litter box cleaned out after every use. Whereas that is time consuming for you, it could be a easy repair to this problem. It’s best to begin a daily routine of cleaning out your cat field and you could discover that this solves your problem.

One other frequent downside associated to the litter field is there are not sufficient litter containers for the number of cats you have. For instance, when you have four cats in your home, and you must have at least one litter box per cat. Cats wish to have their own house, and this is very true on the subject of their litter box. The truth is, many veterinarians suggest that even if in case you have just one cat, you should have not less than two litter boxes.

As well as, on the subject of litter box accidents, take a look at the kind of litter you are using and the scale and form of the litter box. If you have a tray litter box with no lid, perhaps your cat would feel more secure in a closed box. If in case you have an older cat, or a young kitten, you cat might have a difficult time getting out and in of a closed prime box. Watch your cat carefully when she or he uses the litter box. For those who find that, they are having a difficult time getting out and in of the litter field and contemplate getting a different box. Additionally, have a look at the kind of litter you use. Your cat could also be extremely fussy in regards to the odor or texture of the litter. Many individuals preferred utilizing the inside track away litter; nevertheless, many cats will not use any such litter, because it sticks in the paws. You may also find that the litter you use causes a variety of dust that’s disagreeable to your cat.

Health Issues

Your cat may be refusing to use the litter field, because of health related issues. If you have tried all the above suggestions and nothing appears to be working, then it is time to go to your veterinarian. Cats that have bladder problems, urinary tract infections, kidney failure and diabetes are extra liable to litter field accidents than healthy cats. You need to take your cat to the vet and have a radical health examination carried out to seek out out in case your cat is struggling round an ailment. If that is so, your veterinarian can prescribe remedy to help your cat.

Habit and Your CatÂ’s Territory

If your cat has been sick or have stopped using the litter field for any of purpose, you may discover that your cat returns to their outdated methods out of habit. It is extremely important that when your cat has a litter field accident, that you simply clean the world completely to do away with any odors which will remain. As well as, your cat might have not stopped using the litter box in any respect however as a substitute, your cat is marking his or her territory. That is particularly frequent in multi-cat households or once you usher in new pet into the home. This is also extra frequent in males than females. Even male cats which can be neutered can mark their territory by spraying urine.

While you decide why your cat is having litter field accidents, you could find a solution. It takes time and patience; nevertheless, that is way more preferable than eliminating your cat.

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