A very commonly asked question of vets is “Hey Doc, why does my pet or cat keep eating grass?”.

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Over the years the typical response has been that the animals eat grass or plants, because the animal is ill and instinctively tries to make them self vomit. The various other usual response is that there is some sort of insufficiency within the pet’s diet, and the pet is trying to deal with the insufficiency.

Well, to check these concepts, the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, carried out a survey of over 3,000 animal owners. The research was established by Drs. Karen Sueda, Kelly High cliff and Benjamin Hart. Of the 3,000 surveys, 1,600 were utilized in the study. They found that 80 % of the canines, when having the chance to consume grass or some various other plant, did so. From the outcomes, they likewise found that 68 % of the canines ate grass on a day-to-day basis or a minimum of a weekly basis, with only 8 %, of the pets showing any signs of disease before consuming grass or some various other plant. Of that group, 22 % vomited post ingestion. The throwing up was more prevalent in pets showing some signs of illness prior to eating the plant material. The survey also signified that younger pet dogs had the tendency to eat yard grass or plants more, and they did not seem ill prior to ingestion, and did not vomit routinely after ingestion.

Based on this data for, it appears that consuming grass or plants is even more of a behavioral problem, that happens generally in dogs, and there is no relationship to the pet being ill and the grass consuming by the pet. They also concluded that vomiting does not normally happen after the ingestion.

We simply stated this is normal, but it has likewise been suggested that the eating of grass and/or plants, may be a means for animals in the wild, to assist in getting rid of intestinal worms. Based on this, our domesticated species could have simply acquired the attribute for the consumption of grass and plants.

With cats, the situation is about the same; however, it appears that cats are less likely to consume grass or plants. They likewise do not appear to be ill prior to eating and they  do not usually thrown up after eating plant material.

So exactly what’s the conclusion here? Well, generally it is concluded that this is a normal behavioral action of both pet dogs and cats, and pet owners need not be concerned with it. However; if the animal has signs of illness prior to consuming grass or plants, the pet needs to be analyzed as a precautionary measure todetermine, if there is an underlying condition  taking place. This does not mean that canines and cats can eat any kind of turf or plants. Remember, there are harmful plants in nature and in houses. The ingestion of grass that has been treated with fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides could possibly be extremely serious if eaten.

It might just more prudent to take measures, so your pet does not eat any grass or plants.

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